Friday, February 05, 2016

Winter In New York

Experiencing winter in New York for the first time (alone!) last year was something else. Sure the snow hazard had it's scary moments, but I still enjoyed the time that I had to myself. Every corner looked extra magical with the white blanket covering them. I would just smile walking down the street and have a "how lucky are you to be able to do this?!" moment every now and then :)

I mean, there WERE moments where I got too tired from battling the snow every single day. It really felt like a battle! I got annoyed that my fingers couldn't function without my gloves on and just the fact that I didn't know anyone there. Winter made me feel homesick and lonely real quick. But these moments didn't last too long, Alhamdulillah.

I knew there was only one outfit option going in; black on black on black on black. That was the only way for me to survive 10 days in the city without a headache because packing for winter is no joke. Honestly, no offence to the bubble jacket wearers, because YES, there are a lot of cute bubble jacket options especially from Uniqlo, but I'm just not a fan. I like my oversized wool jacket.

The joke however was on me. The snowflakes that fell on my wool jacket/scarf/beanie would slowly melt, making me wetwetWET. Tu la, degil lagi, nak cute cute je, tapi taknak practical. Kan dah! So lesson to self, buy the biggest bubble jacket with a big ass hoodie attached to it next time you go on a winter holiday *smile/cringe*

It was so cold on this particular day that my phone died right after this picture was taken. Thank goodness I had written down all the directions on little post-it notes. I couldn't listen to my playlist or take any photos, which sucked big time especially when all you want to do is to explore the city, alone. Oh and I got myself an umbrella, after much hesitation! The umbrella was my personal saviourrrr because it was my sweet companion through thick and thin. When I say thick and thin, I mean the snow thickness level.

Oh and of courseeeee winter = food. Eating in or eating out. I got hungry every few hours of walking, and because of the snow, stopping every few hours at a cafe made complete sense. But seriously, woahh, I REALLY ate on this trip. The extra 3 kg that came back home with me were all from the burgers (how is Shake Shack's buns so softt), fries, maggie in a cup, $1 pizza slices, cheesy melts, and whole lot of doughnuts. You sure know how to feed a girl ah New york, hehe

I couldn't locate some places (no phone remember?), but here are the ones that I do remember:
1) Brunch it up at Westville. It's tiny! So cute
2) Got so spoilt by having Shake Shack opposite the hotel
3) The night scene at The Coffee Shop NYC is something to try
4) Catch up over coffee at Cafe Minerva
5) Try Friedman's Lunch for breakfast at Chelsea Market
6) Stuff your faces off at Doughnut Plant

I didn't get to cover that many areas, but Greenwich would have to be my fave. New York must be so lovely in spring.

There were a lot of ongoing constructions throughout the city but it didn't dampen the spirits of these storefronts one bit. They still stood out by decorating aroundd the pillars. You make do with what you're being given. I like that.

Staying the first few nights on the Theatre District gave me some time to explore Times Square. I think one day for me was just nice. Can I just say that night strolls in the city is extremely cozy?

You can see the 10 things that I did during my time in New York, here. Or if you want to cross the other side, I covered a little about the places I visited in Brooklyn on a winter weekend, here

10 Things To Do In New York During Winter

Walking around The Village will leave you with plenty of visual inspirations, like this one right here.

A friend brought me to Bluestone Lane Coffee and I just thought it was the coziest. The little nooks (like here and here) make the perfect setting for some private convos + the waiters were super cute/friendly.

Do a little pitstop over at Carrie Bradshaw's doorstep and give a little smile. Ohhh all the SATC scenes... :)

I think American Museum of National History is an amazing date activity with someone or with yourself. There were discoveries that were just out of this world amazing whilst there were things that were just flat out... disgusting. If you have a fear of holes like me, DO NOT type in Surinam toad. That thing will make you run for the shower!

We went to the Chelsea Market specifically looking for breakfast, but we were there an hour too early. The winter lights made the place pretty magical!

Shop for knick knacks and all the things you don't need, but want, at Fish's Eddy. I thought this and this were cute.

During winter, cupcake breaks happen more often that not. Every hour if I can remember correctly. I tried the caramel (something..) cupcake at DC Cupcakes, and IT WAS THE SHIZZ, YOU GUYS. It really is good.

I didn't shop a whole lot but window shopping at SOHO is a must. Their retail and window display game is seriously, #strong. &otherstories just gets it.

Spend one whole day at Party City! Every section was well organized and categorized according to themes. Small tip: write down everyone's birthdays and life events BEFORE coming in so that you know what to look for, and not go out from the shop JUST with 3 bags of candy like I did hehehe

Saved the best for last. Central park takes the cake :) For a full story, I talked about my first time experiencing New York in winter over here.
Have a good one everyone!!

Brooklyn On A Sunday

Walking across the Brooklyn bridge was definitely a "woah I'm in NY!!" moment. I saved Brooklyn & Williamsburg to the last few days I was there :) There were plenty of people running, which was making ME itch for a run.

So from the get go, I knew what I wanted to do the next day, a.k.a, last day : run on the bridge, enjoy the view, have my final breakfast, send out the postcards, etc but none of that happened because... I woke up two hours before my flight, ladies and gentlemen. yeah...

I'm not saying this because I'm used to taking the train, but the NYC subway was relatively easy to navigate. It'll just take you 10 minutes to figure out the colours and numbered system. You're all set after that.

The Brooklyn Flea Market had a very cool and underground vibe to the whole place. Whether you want to splash out on one of a kind furniture, buy a plant, or wallop on a burger; the market is definitely your weekend buddy.

I bought this postcard set from Pink Olive to mail back home. Their paper goods are super cute, like this one.

If you have the time (like 2 hours minimum!), do stop by Beacon's Closet. You want to take your own precious time and get your hands get in derre. Some of the pieces are a littttle on the wild side, but it really boils down to your luck. I got lucky with my pink tapered Kate Spade pants.

I'm definitely not through with Brooklyn. I would want to stay on this side of town If I get the chance to come again :)