Monday, August 22, 2016

My Go-To Bag : The Straw Bag

Ahh. Straw bags just make you feel like you're ON a holiday / ABOUT to go on a holiday / or just came BACK from one.

Grew my collection recently when I added two more pieces from Mowglistore. One in natural colour, and another one dipped in white. I use them to death (literally, cause one of them almost putus already). It's slightly bigger than a normal handbag but that's the convenient part of it; you get to chuck segala-galanya in there! To compartmentalize the bag, I put my stuff into small pouches so that everything is easily reached, or else, finding a lip balm could feel like a needle in a haystack.

Some mix it up by adding cute little details; poofs, tassles, emborideries, etc. So if you wear a lot of basic colours, the bag could be that pop of colour that you want. Personally, I like the bags at they are. Just plain and perfect.

You can also see Dôen see for beautiful baskets, but it's always sold out. Of course -_- The search for the perfect size/colour/ wicker bag continues. If you find/know any places that sells them in KL, comment below please? Thank yousss.

images via ( here, here, here)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Not Your Average Silk Scarves

Rumisu uses playful story-telling through each of it's designs. The pieces could easily be translated into a best-selling children's storybook and I'd buy those books for my nephew in a heartbeat. There's always a portrayal of kindness that entails with each story; like this bull, this tiger, and THIS one that I strongly believe in. Spare some time to watch the documentary, Blackfish and stop buying those amusement tickets. Save the Orcas everyone :(

It seems that their creative process is justtt as interesting as their scarves. Those animal line drawings are just, I meann..

Take a peek into the Rumisu's world. Just two words, #studiogoals and #whiteshirtgoals.

The styling on SuTurno is so good. Really liking the Granada blue and white combo. Styled with a silk white top AND a straw hat? Yassss.

In the form of colour palattes and one dot to represent one percent of each country's population, designer Reineke Otten has managed to show how the skin tones in the world is changing. She calls it World Skin Colour Project.

"Light dots are visible through dark South Africa; faces and races mingle in Brazil; thousands of guest workers tint Dubai, while pale tourists sunbathe in the Bahamas."

The data that's gathered from the 231 countries worldwide's then printed onto these silk scarves, making each scarf one of a kind. Saahh cool.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Rose Festival In Morocco

Found this picture and was so intrigued to know what it's all about. Turns out, it's a three-day rose festival in a small town in Morocco! May is harvest time for roses to distill to make rose water. So chances are that your rose water toners, oils, or rose-scented perfumes could all be from here.

Learnt so much through this lady's adventure. It was almost like a story book! Had no idea that a teaspoon of pure rose oil costs about £70. Wow.

Another country that's famous for it's roses is Bulgaria which produces about 70% of the rose oil in the world. Roses ain't really my thing, but going on the rose picking rituals in different villages would be such a neat experience!