Friday, July 24, 2015

Top 10 Highlights / A little bit of June & July

Sunsets on the the sand dunes in Pantai Klebang.

Durian season is HEAHHHH.

The colour palatte of Bowerhaus's store display is so on point.

Styling on a Saturday morning.

Everyone got treated to a mani pedi sesssion at Nur Yadi on our last day of work before Hari Raya!

The plates that the cakes were served on at Cake Jalan Tiung are an absolute A+, and so was the pavlova.

Can't believe it's been two years, this shiny Whimsigirl concept store.

The breakfast that we had by the roadside at Kg Sungai Penchala's pasar pagi on a Sunday.

The tiles at Calories + banana leaf printed flats i got from Anthropologie.

Right when they started in 2012, Hello Deer's Pasar Seloka Raya is theee weekend market that I look forward to every single year during Ramadhan. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Keeping It Balanced

I have a big problem. A big munching problem. I would munch every hour if it were up to me. That would be the LIFE. Many might not agree with this, but how I see it is... life is tooooo short to be eating JUST healthy food and skipping on the good stuff. What I tell myself is that as long as I skip on sugared drinks and drink lots of water, I'm good, hehe

I am going to have nasi lemak + nescafe combo in the morning. I am going to eat that pisang goreng for minum petang. I am going to microwave that leftover pizza and eat it at midnight. Those are the little pleasures in life and I laff laff laff them.

but at the same time, my health is the best gift I can give to myself. I would notice that if I were to go on this path for more than a month continuously, I would get tired easily, sleepy, and feeling pretty mehhh by noon.  On top of that, clothes would start to not fit me as well as they did, which I definitely did NOT like, haha

So while I was studying in London last year, I knew I needed to be active if I wanted to eat WHAT i wanted to eat, while maintaining to feel my absolute best. I was already walking a good amount, but I wanted to be (extra) good. I then started to insert healthier snacks in the menu, downloaded the Nike+ app, and took up running.

I've grown to LOVE running by myself. Since I usually run in the morning before work, I wouldn't really push myself to the point of exhaustion. Maintaining a 5-7km routine with a steady pace is the goal :)

610km?! Such a personal achievement every time the numbers go up because to know that I started with only 3km two years ago. Now that it's Ramadhan month, the numbers are kinda stagnant though, haha

Okay I know I'm being difficult, but I refuse to run without music. I just think it sucks the fun out of the whole experience and it will cut my motivation in half! The guilt that I get if i stop running in the middle of a song is enough to push me through.

It would go something like "there's 17 more seconds leftt saraaa, KAMON, WHO RUN THE WORLD, GIRLS, KAMONN, 12 more second, KAMON, 5 moreee, KAMONN, anddd... you're doneee *big grin*" haha

I don't think i would go past 1km without my earphones. So for the runners that clock in the miles without any music, power to yah! But for the people that are dependent on their music like me, high five. Whatever that works to get us moving right?

I joined my first half marathon in February for the NikeRun! FINALLY understood why people keep on joining these events again and again. The rush was addictive.

Oh and, I track my daily steps by using Pedometer and try to target 9k - 10k steps. This goal is tricky, as I don't really do that much walking when I'm at the studio. Getting 4000 steps would already be SUCH an accomplishment. Which is why I have to make the time to run, or else my daily steps from monday-friday would not cover my munching habits. THE STRUGGLE IS #REAL.

Thursday, December 04, 2014