Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Saturday was frrreezing because of the rain. It really is an effort to think of what to wear everyday. The conversation that I have with myself every morning while getting ready is always; should i wear 5 layers today, or do i just want to brave it out with just 4?

The weather didn't stop me from going to the Broadway market though. Oh no no no. So I went to Climpson & Sons for some croissant & hot chocolate for breakfast which nicely overlooks the wet market from the glass window. I then continued with a really hot samosa from this indian stall with the tagline "one is never enough". She sure was right about that because I had 3, haha.

Later in the evening I popped down to Picture House to watch Hitchcock by myself. I actually really and honestly do love watching movies by myself, at an odd hour preferably. It's just a quiet time between me, my popcorn and the screen. ahh yes.

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