Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Juliani was here with me last weekend! You see, Yani is one of the stellar fashion designers for InnaiRed and she came to London for the weekend. So it's only natural for me to want to show her around the colourful part of the city and get inspired :) Oh last weekend was so vibrant and colourful, I almost can't contain it.

Here's 4 places that you may want to go if you're in London or Shoreditch. Even if you're not in the area, why not make it happen? 

1) You get to see Squint's actual studio where they use all types of fabrics to modify the bespoke furnitures to your liking. Such a good working space!

2) Dishoom is this unbelievably cool indian restaurant with an urban feel. Those blue & yellow chairs? Hello!

3) I saw the mix of blue herringbone flooring and pink chairs from outside the window and couldn't help myself but to go in. Barrio East has goddit going onnn.

4)A pop up Middle eastern restaurant that specializes in street food called Yalla Yalla. It means come on come on in Arabic. 
"Yalla Yalla, we're late for our dinner at Yalla Yalla!" hehe sorry I just had to.

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