Sunday, January 12, 2014


it's the second week going into the new year and i've promised myself to make this year, thee year. to start things right, I welcomed 2014 by going glamping at caravan serai with these four. ohhhhyeah. 

i think what makes a trip that extra fun is the details. snacks, drinks, games, music, candles, all the works. we brought bono's crosley turntable to play during our swim since we knew there was going to be a pool. can you please stop what you're doing and just stare at that pink beauty? 

there were only 2 other families apart from us staying at the campsite (can i even say that!), so we took out our food and barbecued the night away. we planned to move to the campfire after dinner, but it rained so peacefully that we just stayed put under our shelter until two in the morning. 

I brought this mega-sized cards for fun and also because of the mega size, it was a challenge for everybody to keep their cards hidden from each other, hehe

the morning after at that table with friends and endless supply of coffee was the best. oh get this, there's no wifi ok? which turned out for the best really because the two days that we were there, we really focused on each other. fineeeee, there were moments where our hands were still reaching for the phone hoping we could reference something on instagram. gosh city kids, right? 

you know how some holidays are tiring because you try to squeeze so many things in that one short weekend and do too much physical activities that sort of beats the purpose of getting the holiday in the first place? we learnt our lesson and seriously just lazed around. thank you caravan serai, you were just what i needed. what a perfect escape.

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  1. Hi Sara thanks for the blog, looks like a gorgeous camping site, I liked the ice cream cup the morning after a lot! Alex from


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